Going to Pieces – Toy Storage Bag Tutorial Roundup

Christmas 2011 – The year small pieces invaded our home.

That really is the trouble with open-ended play type toys. They have pieces – lots of them. Small ones, now that my older children have graduated from toddler toys. Have you seen how small Polly Pockets shoes are? And have I mentioned Gladys is a mobile 9 month old who puts everything in her mouth? AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I’m working to contain the crazy a bit. These bags are based on the tutorial by Susan of Crafterhours (guestposting at On the Laundry Line), and are made with old t-shirts, left-over bias tape, thrift-store zippers, clear vinyl, and about an hour of my time.

I would like to also make more puzzle envelopes as Gladys received some lovely ones for Christmas.

The original puzzle envelopes.
Look how little Duncan is! Has it really been that long?!

I’m not the only sew-happy mom on the web  trying to reign in the chaos with some help from clear plastic vinyl.

“Peek A Boo” Toy Sacks by Make It Perfect

Clear Toy Storage Bags by Make It and Love It

“Peeping Peeps” Zippered Tote by PROJECT: project

Toy Bag by Zaaberry

Much better, right?

Merry Christmas!

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  1. jessica says

    Happy Holidays Jodi! Just sending a thank you for part of my Christmas gift from Carrie. I have already used the leather needle/scissor kit, and the Kleenex holder is camping out in my diaper bag where it is so desperately needed. Your adventurous sewing spirit is inspiring, especially as I stare at a large pile of fabric waiting to be transformed into birthday gifts. I hope you and the family are enjoying a peaceful Christmas season!

  2. says

    Great storage bags! More durable and pretty than a ziploc freezer bag! I thought of you today when leafing through the latest issue of Parents mag. at the library…there was advertisement for this playmat/storage bag. Seems to me it may not be too difficult to duplicate…the trouble would be keeping the small pieces ON the mat. :) Happy New Year! http://www.spoonsisters.com/product/76801.html


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